BBC article on rhythm, including speech and reading rhythm

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This article may be more than you are interested in knowing but it is intriguing. And there is some wisdom for our librivox enthusiastms.

" What about rhythm and reading? Here, too, we are unlikely to associate rhythm to reading unless we are reading poetry."

"In fact, rhythm is a necessary ingredient of linguistic communication itself."

"Quite simply, rhythm in speech tells us when important information starts and stops. Stressed syllables emerge at roughly regular intervals and, importantly, carry the majority of the information of speech. With an ongoing rhythmic flow, the listener is guided to the important features of the sentence by the expectancy rhythm sets up and, so primed, we understand the content of the spoken word better. With the understanding of spoken speech comes the ability, when learning to read, to make the necessary connections between the sounds of language and its written form."
Peace, David
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