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GettingTooOld wrote: June 10th, 2023, 4:43 am
barbara2 wrote: February 28th, 2023, 4:25 am
It's a good tune but you just can't dance to it.

Me n me Gnomies love it just the same. :lol:
That is awesome! :lol: :lol:
Open Suse was the first Linux distro that I installed on metal in about 2008. When I saw YAST I thought it was yeast: the bread distro? :D
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I've had Suse before, and liked it a lot. This time I'm giving it a miss, their website is gdam awful, like ubuntu level awful. I can't stand sites that give you zero information and just a bunch of toddler sized buttons across the screen for you to click on with no notion of what for. Forget it. Good thing there are Soooo many alternatives eh?

I think so far in this new lineup there is MX and slackware, but I haven't integrated them yet with grub, and eventually I'll put in a LOT of puppylinux distributions, mostly old ones. They live very happily together in a bunch of directories on the one hard drive. It's easy to duplicate a single favourite or get all the flavors you can find and add them all on a single partition. Then if one is crashy you just boot something else and go in and fix it. Puppylinux has a layered file system like layers on a cake. The fat ones at the bottom are the basic out of the box system files, then what you do to it, everything you've done to it, is all in a single save file, which you can copy as easy as copying a file, Yeah! I know ! who'd of thunk it? and so backups and rollbacks and restore is so trivial it's all worth it. I can't get enough. Windoze needs a professional at a computer store whenever it gets an update, linux you just copy a single file and you're dancing like it's 1999.
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