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Where does LibriVox get its funding?
We’re a group of volunteers with no paid staff and no budget. The Internet Archive hosts our audio files and website (for free) -- although you can make donations to them, mentioning LibriVox, which they manage for us.

In February 2010, we held a limited-time, fixed-amount funding drive as our hosting and development costs were growing just too large to be handled by donation of time and resources. Read the original announcement and the achievement post for details of the costs and donations received.

In July 2013 we launched a new funding drive, "LibriVox needs your help!", with the short term goal of raising $50,000. For more details see - Going forward, we will continue to have a donation page on the LibriVox website. This is new for us and we hope it will bring in enough in donations to cover ongoing system administration costs and development support for future upgrades to our new software systems. This is made easier if we have a cushion in the bank so that LibriVox volunteers don’t have to stay up at night worrying about how this or that will be paid for.

Can I advertise on your site?
No. We are a completely non-commercial project, and we don't want ad. money.

Are you planning an IPO?
No. We will remain an independent, non-commercial, volunteer, non-profit project.

I work for Yahoo/Google/Microsoft/a VC and I would like to buy you, who should I contact?
We'd be happy if you could help us out somehow, but LibriVox, as they say, is not for sale. Though anyone is free to use our content however they wish -- including Yahoo, Google and Microsoft, and even VCs.