1 minute test - german [OK]

All languages: post your test recording here. Help check audio files, provide editing services, and advertise for proof-listeners.
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Post by ragondo » May 20th, 2020, 1:37 pm

Hello everyone :) This is my first try at uploading a one minute test. I used the text as it was proposed in the (german) librivox wiki and recorded it using my headset (jbl), a windows computer and the audacity software.
I would be happy to get your feedback and to learn about what I can improve.
Thanks in advance!
aand here's the link :D

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Post by knotyouraveragejo » May 20th, 2020, 6:14 pm

Hello and Welcome to LibriVox.

Your test is all OK! Hope you find something that interests you to read. To get started Group projects in German can be found in the Readers Wanted: Languages Other Than English.


There are also generally some multilingual projects in the Short Works forum. Of course, you are welcome to record in any language. I only mention the above since you recorded your test in German. :)
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