More Murder in a Nunnery

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More Murder in a Nunnery by Eric Shepherd (1954)

A murder mystery - in a convent. :-)

The sequel to "Murder in a Nunnery", which unfortunately had it's copyright renewed. Annoying when they do that! :lol:
It's been awhile since I read either book, but I don't think you need to be familiar with the first to enjoy the second.

Full view, public domain, on Hathi-Trust.;view=2up;seq=6

WHEN Reverend Mother of Harrington was told
that another dead body had been found on the
conventual premises she was silent for, possibly,
ten seconds.
Then she said: “And they say history never
repeats itself ” '
Mother Assistant, her informant, underwent
a spasm of those strongly aquiline features which,
though she was the gentlest soul, struck the
Junior School as with a palsy.
“I cannot express, dear Reverend Mother, my
sympathy ”
“Let me know the worst.”
“It isn’t the worst, thank God. Not one of the
children. Not one of us. Only a man ”

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