How to Properly Submit a One Minute Test

All languages: post your test recording here. Help check audio files, provide editing services, and advertise for proof-listeners.
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Post by DoktorOktagon » August 11th, 2018, 1:19 pm

Hello all,
I am new at this and have a recording ready for inspection. However, I am unsure how to properly upload the file.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Thank you,


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Post by DoktorOktagon » August 11th, 2018, 1:34 pm

Hello all- I am new to the process of submission. I have a one minute test that I would like to pass in- what is the proper protocol?

Thank you,


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Post by annise » August 11th, 2018, 2:50 pm

Should all be in your welcome email but in case you've lost it, here's the quote from the wiki
Please Read These Instructions Very Carefully and Follow Them Very Carefully!

Note: If you are using Adobe Audition, please remove all ID tags before uploading. For reasons unknown, the uploader will reject any MP3 produced by Adobe Audition which has ID tags.

Upload your test file using the LibriVox uploader:
Do not use your forum login for the Uploader.
The username and password are:
(Note: this is case sensitive, and all the letters are lower case: the l = lower case L. If you have trouble reading the image above, please message an admin on the forum.)

Before you upload, you must select the project MC's name from a list so your file will go to the right folder.
For test files, select "tests--tests" from the uploader's MC drop-down list.
If you do not select a folder in the drop-down menu, the upload will fail.
Copy the link it provides when the upload is complete, and post it in a new thread in the Listeners and Editors Wanted forum. Please include the recording software (Audacity, Garage Band), operating system (Windows or Mac) and mic type (USB or Analog) you are using in the post as this will help us giving advice that is tailored to your problem.
If you've already claimed a section and your Book Coordinator has asked you to post in the project thread, first post the link above in Listeners and Editors Wanted as above. Then post in the project thread with the URL to the thread you just created. Just ask if you're not sure.
Don't forget to post the link to your test in the forum - if you don't, no one will know that you have uploaded your test!
Be sure to get feedback. It may take a day or two for a response. You might need to upload another test or two to get things set up right, but once you get things set up, you're generally good to go from there! Potential feedback issues include:

are the settings correct?
is the input volume OK? (too soft? too loud?)
do you have "plosives"? (is your breath hitting the mic and making nasty noises?)
do you have a hum? a buzz? dc offset? hiss? (there could be many reasons for these things, but don't worry, there is lots of help available to help you fix it!)
too much noise? (there are many types of noise, and we can help in a variety of ways to reduce the noise in your recording)

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