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Post by KunalSpeaks » June 14th, 2018, 8:19 pm

Hi everyone,

I am a public interest attorney in New Jersey. I started guilty-reading a book I had bought as a gift for someone myself. Then I thought to record it and save on postage :lol: I got my mic out and now I think I want to do this regularly.

I would like to get good enough to get paid for my work, but I likely have a long way to go before that can happen. I'm still getting through the introductory material for volunteering :help: , but I know once I get rolling, I'm not going to want to stop. I love reading, and I love it when anyone has the patience to listen to me read things out loud to them. Maybe that isn't so strange here.

Anyways, this seems a good way to practice and give back. Thank you for having me. I hope to start contributing soon.


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Post by msfry » June 15th, 2018, 11:50 am

Welcome Kunal. One of the nice things about Librivox is we have Proof Listeners who DO listen to you read out loud, and while cautious with feedback (because some readers don't welcome it), they will give feedback especially if you ask for it. Notice the CC in my signature? That means Crit/Comments welcome. The more feedback I get, the better reader I become. And the best proof listeners are often the newbies like yourself, so that's one place to start helping out. If you want to proof listen any of my files, just look me up, msfry or Michele Fry, and click Reader Section Details, to see what I have out there that needs proofing. If it's a project I am BC'ing, I usually proof listen other contributor's files, but need someone to proof-listen mine. Projects I am just reading on (not BC'ing), most likely already have a DPL, Dedicated Proof Listener.

At any rate, hope to see you around the LV playground! And as with all art forms, the more you practice the more you will fine-tune your craft and the easier it will become. So just take your time. Poke through the forums and I suggest you start an LV TIPS AND TRICKS document, where you copy and paste all the helpful suggestions you will pick up along the way. Darn, I wish I'd been doing that for the past 5 years! :lol: :roll: :lol:
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