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Post by Calpar22 » May 17th, 2018, 6:37 am

Hello Everyone!

I'm Cal and I'm from the UK. A friend of my mind told me about LibriVox saying "Hey, it's a place to get free audiobooks", little did I know that LibriVox was an entire community of readers and voice over volunteers.

I've been doing voice work here and there for sometime, nothing extravagant, but helped with some projects and did narration for few small projects on YouTube and I'm also part of a gaming podcast called GrinCast, so my voice can be heard on the interwebs. But I'd like to do more.

I did try and get myself into doing voice acting, but to be perfectly honest, I don't have huge range and I'm never been happy with my character voices, but in speaking and narrating, that's what I've enjoyed the most and I think that's what I'm best at. I enjoy reading, but with busy days, I've favored audiobooks, podcasts and radio shows more and more. So I was very happy to discover this place.

Thank you, Lynda for approving my minute test, so now I'm looking forward to helping on some projects very soon.

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Post by msfry » May 17th, 2018, 10:00 am

Hi Cal. If you're looking for small projects to practice on, a good place to start is with one of our poetry projects. Something is always ongoing, either a Weekly or a Fortnightly. Librivoxers suggest the poems and as many volunteers as want can record it within a given time period. It's interesting to listen to the different accents and interpretations of the same lines. This Fortnightly Poetry selection will be open through Sunday, then on Monday another one will begin.

It takes a few runs through to get the process down of how to claim, record edit, upload and post the link to the project forum, then wait for any PL notes. So if you want to record something without delay, just read the First Post carefully, and if you like the poem, hop in.

It's great having you aboard! :D
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