The confessions of a daddy by Butler, Ellis Parker

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Post by Carolin » May 13th, 2018, 1:43 am
The confessions of a daddy
by Butler, Ellis Parker, 1869-1937

Marthy and hiram live quietly in their colorado town. They dont have trouble with anyone of their neighbors. Why should they, as they dont have any kids that could cause the neighbours trouble. And oh, luckily they dont have kids because how could hiram otherwise afford to give marthy a silk dress. Really lucky. The neighbors kids are cute and all but ugh, much better off withoit kids. Except that one boy, hes cool, hiram wouldn't mind having him around. Or maybe the neighbors youngest daughter, shes so nice. But kids of their own...?

We need a DPL for a beautiful romance set in France, and a book on feminine humour!

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