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Post Posted:: May 8th, 2016, 4:14 pm 

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Happy for people to send me updates on parts that are claimed. Please do this via PM.

I am setting up this thread to advertise available parts in the 8 longest running plays and dramatic readings. This is to help move them along and get them completed and in the catalogue. For each project I will provide the following.

1. The parts that are available
2. Whether they are gender specific (male or female) or gender neutral (can be read by a male or a female)
3. How many chapters or acts the part appears in
4. A link to the relevant thread for that project

You will then be able to go over to the thread and sign up to a part.
The idea is that if you are looking for a part to read you can find suitable ones a little quicker

As parts are claimed then I will update the first post to reflect this.

It is not for orphaned parts as we have a different thread for that. Here is the link for orphaned parts in dramatic works


This thread is for parts that have yet to be claimed.

Here are the top 8 with parts available

Please see the details below for each project
1. The Spanish Brothers (Added January 2017)
2. Peeps at People (Added June 2017)
3. La Boheme
4. Count of Monte Cristo
5. Marion De Lorme
6. Crime and Punishment
7. Short Plays from Dickens (Added June 2017)
8. The Martyr of the Catacombs (Added June 2017)

Fully Cast
The Parson's Wedding
What Katy Did at School
The Betrothed
Cataloged! Thanks for your help!
Rilla of Ingleside
Black Beauty
Bible Stories of the Old Testament
Imaginary Conversations
The Bourgeois Gentleman
The String of Pearls

Come and Claim a Part

1. The Spanish Brothers by Deborah Alcock

Juan and Carlos Menaya have longed to find their father ever since they were little. Their dream starts to get lost, though, as they grow up and go separate ways. Juan goes off to war and falls under the influence of a Huguenot prisoner while Carlos becomes a monk and begins to discover the Bible for himself. (summary may be changed before cataloging) ( Adele de Pignerolles).

Link to the thread:


Casting will be gender neutral except where otherwise noted in the MW.
(Carlos, Juan, Juan and Carlos' Father, and the prior are specific; all others are neutral.)

    Fray Sebastien Gomez - 5 Chapters
    Don Juan and Carlos' father - Male Voice Required - 7 Chapters
    Juliano El Chico - 3 Chapters
    Fray Fernando - 2 Chapters
    Don Balthasar - 1 Chapter
    Gaspar Benevidio - 2 Chapters
    Young Monk - 1 Chapter

2. Peeps at People


Link to Thread :


01 - Mr Hall Caine
02 - Emperor William
03 - Alfred Austin
04 - Zola
05 - Rudyard Kipling
06 - Edouard De Reszkes
07 - Jen De Reszkes
08 - Henryk Sienkiewicz
09 - Salesman
10 - De Reszkes
11 - General Weyler
12 - Publisher
13 - Grand High Chamberlain
14 - Ticket Officer
15 - Hackman
16 - Landlord
17 - Property Man
18 - French Gendarme
19 - Young Woman
20 - Maid

3. La Boheme

In 1830s Paris, four struggling Bohemian artists: the poet Rudolph, the painter Marcel, the musician Schaunard, and the philosopher Colline, live poorly, but happily. On Christmas Eve, to celebrate, the four split the month's rent and decide to go out drinking in the Latin Quarter. Rudolph stays behind to finish a poem, when their frail neighbor, Mimi, knocks on the door. An equally poor seamstress, she begs him to light her candle. In an instant, his candle goes out as well, and Mimi drops her key in the dark. As they search for it, they fall in love. And thus, a tragic love begins, as tuberculosis threatens to tear Mimi away from the person and people she has come to love.

Link to thread :


    Chorus Member 3 - 1 Act
    Chorus Member 4 - 1 Act
    Customs House Official - 1 Act
    Sargent - 1 Act

4. The Count of Monte Cristo

The Count of Monte Cristo is one of the authors most popular works. It's an adventure novel that takes place between 1815-1838 in France, Italy, islands in the Mediterranean and in the Levant. It follows the main character through love, betrayal, vengence and forgiveness.

Link to Thread :

Where a part is not assigned male or female please check with the BC about reading for the role. Please also read the first page of the thread to see special instructions before claiming and recording


    baron de chateau renaud - male - 11 chapters
    Doctor D'avrigny - 8 chapters
    barrois - male - 7 chapters
    marquis de saint meran - male - 2 chapters
    gendarme 2 - male - 1 chapter
    duke blacas - male - 2 chapters
    turnkey 2 - male - 2 chapters
    Captain Gaumard - 1 chapter
    Monsieur de Boville - 3 chapters
    penelon - male - 2 chapters
    cucmetto - male - 1 chapter
    carlini - male - 1 chapter
    servant 1 - 3 chapters
    notary 2 - 3 chapters
    ali tepelini - 1 chapter
    president 1 - 1 chapter
    el kobbir - 1 chapter
    brigadier 2 - 1 chapter
    attendant 3 - 1 chapter
    marshall bertrand/an old nobleman - 2 chapters
    Guest 1/Corporal/Alexander VI/ Sailor 1 - 4 chapters
    magistrate 1/captain le clere/doctor 1 - 3 chapters
    guest 2/commissary of police/sailor 2 - 4 chapters
    guest 3/valet1/spadas newphew/mayor - 5 chapters
    The Pharaon/Madmoieselle Morrel/Sentinel 1/Cicerone 1 - 4 chapters
    messenger/divalaccio/martia/sentry 1 - 4 chapters
    ritas father/sentry 2/sergeant at arms - 3 chapters
    Lieutenant + all / Gendarme 3 / Servant 2 - 3 chapters
    Coachman 1 / Officer 2 / Attendant 1 / Adelmonte - 4 chapters
    Attendant 2/Asmodeum/Le Messager - 3 chapters
    Valet 2 / Hamlet / A man - 3 chapters
    Philip / Fruiteress (F) / Florentin - 3 chapters
    porter 1/ servant 3/ francis I - 3 chapters
    porter 2/ a paper/editor/duprez - 4 chapters
    Sterne / Sage 1 / Magistrate 2 - 3 chapters
    host/valet de chambre 1/theif 1 - 3 chapters
    Doctor 3 / Inspector 2 / Cicerone 2 - 3 chapters
    valet de chambre 2/jailor 2/postilion 2 - 3 chapters
    sergeant/thief 3/bandit 2 - 3 chapters
    door keeper 3/the owner/bandit 3 - 3 chapters

5. Marion de Lorme

Marion de Lorme is a play about a famous French courtesan with the same name, known for her relationships with the important men of her time.

Link to Thread :

Please note all parts are gender neutral


    chevalier de rochebaron - 1 act
    chevalier de montpesat - 1 act
    count de villac - 1 act
    duke de bellegarde - 1 act
    duke de beaupreau - 1 act
    abbe de gondi - 1 act
    viscount de rohan - 1 act
    count de charnace - 1 act
    first workman - 1 act
    second workman - 1 act
    Taillebras - 1 act
    third workman - 1 act
    guard 1 - 1 act
    guard 2 - 1 act
    guard 3 - 1 act

6. Crime and Punishment

The story tells of the inner turmoil of Rodion Raskolnikov, a student in St. Petersburg who commits murder. His psychological and moral agitation is furthered and complicated by his family's arrival in St. Petersburg, his sister's engagement to a manipulative and unworthy man, and his encounters with the impoverished and troubled Marmeladov family.

Link to Thread :


Please check on thread for up to date info re gender specific or neutral casting.

    waiter - - 1 chapter
    older workman - male - 1 chapter
    porter 2 - - 1 chapter
    porter 3 - - 1 chapter

7. Short Plays by Dickens

Here is a collection of 20 short plays created by Horace Browne from scenes in books by Charles Dickens such as Nicholas Nickleby, David Copperfield, Bleak House, and Our Mutual Friend. "For the use of Amateur and School Dramatic Societies" ( ToddHW)

Link to Thread :


Please check on thread for up to date info re gender specific or neutral casting.
    Mrs Tibbs Boarding House
    Mr Calton Boarder at Mrs Tibbs
    Mr Simpson Boarder at Mrs Tibbs
    Stage Directions for Mrs Tibbs Boarding House

    Horatio Sparkins
    Mr Malderton A City Merchant
    Mr Jacob Barton A grocer
    Mr Flamwell a friend
    A Linen Draper

    Stormy Scenes in the Varden Household
    Gabriel Varden A Locksmith

    Mr Pecksniff's Pleasant Family Party
    Mr Spottletoe

    A Division Between Friends
    Mr Sweedlepipe
    Stage directions for A Division Between Friends

    Betsy Trotwood at Home
    Mr Murdstone

    Mr George's Shooting Gallery
    Mr George Proprietor of the shooting gallery
    Phil Squod
    Cab Driver
    Street Loafer
    Stage Directions for Mr George's Shooting Gallery

    Silas Wegg's Stall
    Silas Wegg

    Mr Venus's Shop
    Mr Venus
    Silas Wegg

    At Jenny Wren's
    Her bad Child in Jenny Wrens father

8.The Martyr of the Catacombs by Anonymous

Marcellus, a Roman centurion, is instructed to eradicate the Christians from the catacombs. When he goes to investigate, he discovers the truth about their beliefs and 'Him Who loved us.' As persecution sweeps across Rome, will Marcellus be the next one in danger? ( Esther ben Simonides)

Link to Thread :


    Lucullus - 8 chapters
    Macer - Male - 1 chapter
    African - Male - 1 chapter
    Christians - singing parts for a number of people
    Spokesman - Neutral - 1 chapter
    Judge - Male - 1 chapter
    Crowd Member 1 - Neutral - 1 chapter
    Crowd Member 2 - Neutral - 1 chapter


If I miss anything let me know
It's much better to do good in a way that no one knows anything about it. From Anna Karenina

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Post Posted:: June 8th, 2017, 6:24 am 

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The Betrothed is now full! :clap:

My DPL list Projects needing a DPL

Post Posted:: June 8th, 2017, 1:50 pm 

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linny wrote:
The Betrothed is now full! :clap:



If I miss anything let me know
It's much better to do good in a way that no one knows anything about it. From Anna Karenina

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