Want to read a short work or start a short works collection?

Post ALL new projects here (solos, books, short works/poetry collections, drama -- in any language.) Please read the stickies first
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Post by Cori » April 20th, 2008, 7:40 am

I just want to record a short story! or I found a great public domain non-fiction text, now what?

There's no need to post a new project in the Launch Pad if what you want to read is a stand-alone work (e.g. story, letter, essay, speech) of about 8000 words or less. Instead, have a look in the Short Works forum for a suitable collection -- we have a range of themes already, including mysteries, ghost stories and non-fiction pieces. In the first post of each thread are further instructions on how to record. Just ask if you have any questions!

Can I record poems?

Yes! If you want to contribute just one or two, then please look in the Short Works forum for a suitable collection. (See the link above for more information, too!)

If you would like to record more than a few, then why not create a solo collection..? This can be poems by the same author or on the same theme, and may (but don't have to) come from the same source. Have a look at the Solo thread in this forum for more information.

How do I coordinate a Weekly Poetry project?

If you're interested in possibly coordinating a whole book, a great way to get your feet wet is by coordinating a weekly poem. Click the link above to find out the full details of how to get involved!

I have an idea for a new themed collection - what should I do?

If you would like to coordinate the collection, have a look at this wiki page about becoming a book coordinator. Then use the template there to start a new thread in this forum, called something like "GROUP - <theme> Collection 01". Start a thread in Book Suggestions if you have more questions or if you don't want to coordinate the theme, but would contribute recordings -- that's the best way to find a willing BC to organize it.
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