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LIBRIVERSARIES – February 2024

Librivox was born in August 2005 and since day 1, we have valued ALL our volunteers. Whether you participate daily, weekly, or just every now and then, you are part of our Librivox family and we are grateful for your contributions*.

This month we celebrate 119 *active members*(defined below) who joined in February a year or more ago, and send a hearty round of applause for "job well done" and "thank you for still being here". As you run across these names in your projects, how about giving them a high five or pat on the back, and direct them to this page (which they may not even know about) to see who else shares their Libriversary month and year.

:clap: :clap: :clap: :clap: :clap: :clap: :clap: :clap: :clap: :clap:

Active members celebrating a February Libriversary are as follows:
(* Asterisks after a name denote a return to Librivox after an absence of 1 or more years, and a hearty Welcome Back!)

18 years, joined 2006 (2)
John Greenman (johng)
Mark F. Smith (Kaffen)

17 years, joined 2007 (1)
Lee Ann Howlett (Claire)

15 years, joined 2009 (6)
Bart de Leeuw (bart)
David Cole (Shipley) *
Jordan Watts (JorWat) *
Linda Andrus (putzy a)
MaryAnn (MaryAnnSpiegel)
Timothy Ferguson (Timothy Ferguson)

14 years, joined 2010 (4)
ashleighjane (ashleighjane)
Garth Burton (Veggrower)
Steve Mattern (plymtuxet) *
Steven Seitel (Steven Seitel)

13 years, joined 2011 (3)
chocmuse (chocmuse)
Edmund Bloxam (Ligeti_Grieg)
Phil Benson (eggs4ears)

12 years, joined 2012 (4)
Alan Mapstone (alanmapstone)
Anthony Ogus (ogus)
Peter John Keeble (mrwemmick)
Tony Posante (TonyP)

11 years, joined 2013 (1)
Brian Wilson (bountonw) *

10 years, joined 2014 (1)
Lisa Reichert (LisaR)

9 years, joined 2015 (3)
Bob R (BobR)
M.S.C. Lambert, LC (mscllc)
Newgatenovelist (Newgatenovelist)

8 years, joined 2016 (3)
afutterer (afutterer)
Christine Lehman (stoogeswoman) *
Luke Sieburg (lsiebur1)

7 years, joined 2017 (3)
ABFries (ABFries) *
Emma Charlotte (emmacharliebrowning) *
Kurt (kwpapke)

6 years, joined 2018 (2)
Jasmin Salma (Unicorn)
schrm (schrm)

5 years, joined 2019 (4)
BengtW (BengtW)
benjaminpwhite (benjaminpwhite)
Jenn Broda (jennlea)
Salma (salmawalet)

4 years, joined 2020 (5)
J Denning (Jud3) *
J F Parks (JFParks) *
Noreen (Noreen) *
SalemMan (SalemMan)

3 years, joined 2021 (9)
Adam Thompson (adamft) *
Aimee van den Berg (aimeenm)
Brant Burgiss (Brant)
Crimson Rose Sugg (Shiluh)
czandra (czandra)
Eliza (ElizaZ)
Katharina21 (Katharina21)
Nancy Halper (NancyHalper)
Sarah Rothwell (sjr8545)

2 years, joined 2022 (12)
Brittany Wilson (brittanyw86)
Cygnaeus (Cygnaeus)
Daniel Quintero (danielq90)
Doreen Marcotte (Mdoreen32)
Jacqueline Tyler. (jtyler55)
James En (JamesN)
Josh J Barker (joshjbarker)
karenzaes (karenzaes) *
KCurtis (KCurtis) *
Michael O'Kelly (MOKelly)
russcallawag (russcallawag)
Winnifred Assmann (Winnifred)

1 years, joined 2023 (56)
ajworks (ajworks)
Alicia S. (aliciajane)
Amos Buchanan (amosbuchanan)
Amy Brummett (brumski)
Befria (Befria)
billromer (billromer)
BriaHolmes (BriaHolmes)
C Ptacek (Cptacek)
C. A. Randall (carandall)
CallieDelm (CallieDelm)
Carissa (Carissa)
CBilson (CBilson)
Cedar Elkheart (WoodedBeardsman)
Chel Bu (chelbuVO)
CJ Lin (CJLin921)
Courtney Chambard (mimireads)
Dana Kovar (Groovycat)
Elvia Quintana (ElviaQ)
Eric David Harrington (Redbeard530)
frandmckay (frandmckay)
georgenash (georgenash)
gl0bix (gl0bix)
Gripolli (Gripolli)
hummingbird12 (hummingbird12)
J. Cecil (dimmer59)
J. Samuel MacGregor (MajorED)
James Edwards (jedwards777)
Jessica Harris (JessicaHarris)
Jessica Zdanowicz (jzdanowicz)
Kay Dropiewski (kddrop)
Kazhe Kurdo (KazheKurdo)
KellyWilcoxBaird (KellyWilcoxBaird)
Kendra (Stumpy)
Laurel Drobits (Hortense)
Lauren Fontaine (LuckyTrefle)
Leander van Nieuwpoort (bjekkit)
Lindsey Montgomery (MontyG)
Martha H. Weller (martywell)
MegannDiGenova (MegannDiGenova)
Muhammad Baqer (muhaB2)
naityik (naityik)
Nicole Rachelle (nicolerachelle)
Norah Nelson (norahnelson)
Patrick Farrell (lyangoma)
pearleyes (pearleyes)
Robin Leigh (rbnleigh1)
Sean Winchell (VOWinch)
Steve Cullen (smcullen)
SteveE (SteveE)
tommyjeff78 (tommyjeff78)
TsVoiceProd (TsVoiceProd)
Victoria Sandels (VictoriaSan)
VSharp (VSharp)
William Byrne (William88)
Xandreya (Xandreya)

*Contributions* include BC'ing and MC'ing projects, recording/completing files, proof-listening, cover making, plus editing, creating Wikipedia links, programming and other behind the scenes tasks that may be hard to notice active participation in (unless you speak up).

*Active member* is defined by some level of contribution to growing our catalog within the past 12 months. If you think your name has been left off this list, or misspelled, please PM msfry. Members who become active again after a long absence and are still in our Membership database, can make the list in future years (see asterisked names).

The current Libriversary announcement is a Sticky at the top of the News Forum. Past Libriversaries don't disappear . . . they can be found in the forum as well, by date published or search for "Libriversaries-Month".

2023 Libriversaries In Review:
January, February, March, April, May, June, July, August, September, October, November, December

2024 Libriversaries In Review:

Don't remember when you signed up? Check the right hand column of any post you make.
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