Volunteers who like editing but not recording?

Non-reading activities need your help too!
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Post by RashimSaleh »

Hey cool people!
I am currently working on a recording of The Cask(chapter 26) and was wondering if there are people interested in editing it.
I have done half of the editing but still am not a big fan of the process, so honestly, I'm looking for people I can cooperate with for this project and the ones I might take up in future.
Feel free to PM me for the file, as I'll continue working on it . Thank you!
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Post by Freso »

I just posted a plea for editing assistance if anyone is itching for some editing. :)
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Post by MixMediaStudio »

If someone needs assistance with editing and mastering, I may be able to help. Let me know where your stem files are, and your time frame and I will schedule the time. Mix Media Studio.
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