With The Birds: Selected Poems From The Best English And American Authors (1891)

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With The Birds: Selected Poems From The Best English And American Authors (1891)

📖 24 poems in all. A verse by Nicholas Rowe (1674–1718) on the page following the Copyright Page, not mentioned in Contents. An Appendix at the end provides ornithological information on certain species.

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Hi I am interested.
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brianna2138 wrote: December 2nd, 2023, 5:34 pm Hi I am interested.
Hello Brianna! Welcome to LibriVox!

Before recording any chapters or poems, we strongly recommend you do a "1-minute test" to make sure your equipment and software are set up to make recordings we can use:

After that, you're more than welcome to sign up for sections (be it a book chapter, a poem, or the lines for a character in a play) in any of the projects in the "Readers Wanted" forums. Those are projects that are actively underway, with people coordinating them right now.

This book of poems has been suggested as a possible project for the future, but nobody's signed on to be the "Book Coordinator" for it yet. Somebody might come along and do so soon, or it may be quite a while.
If you'd like to coordinate it yourself (or sign on to read the whole thing as a solo project), we recommend joining some group projects first so you can see what all is involved. Once you have a few sections under your belt, you can find more info about becoming a Book Coordinator here:

I hope that gives you some idea for your next steps. You're also welcome to search or post in the Help forum, if you have questions:

Happy reading!
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I might be interested in running this as group project. The poems are short and many are well known so would probably attract new readers :wink:
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