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msfry wrote: March 5th, 2023, 8:06 am I am perusing the Project Status Table, and see that 2 of my 4 BC projects are not listed.
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One is FULL and the other is a SOLO, so maybe that's why they aren't on there. Is that right?

Reading this thread I see it is updated manually, by mightyfelix. It's nice to know of the duties LV members take on besides the obvious recording, PL'ing, BC'ing, MC'ing and editing. Thank you.
You're right. I omit anything from the table that is not currently looking for volunteers, as either a reader or a DPL.
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stepheather wrote: March 5th, 2023, 8:43 am Occasionally, there are glitches, like the re-mothballed A System of Logic showing up, but mostly, this is a very handy list. I often use it to find my next DPL projects, as it’s a lot less overwhelming to me than browsing the forums for them!
Thanks for mentioning this. When something like this happens, it usually means something that should have been changed behind the scenes was missed, which is indeed the case this time. I've changed the status of that re-mothballed project so it won't show up next time. If I get ambitious later on, I'll also take it out of this week's table, but at least we know it won't show up next week!

Please do point out any other glitches of this kind that you notice, and I'll be happy to address them. :)
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To suggest: is it possible to add a column in the table showing the date when the initial forum post was made (e.g. the one with the MW)?

I like to help getting the older projects to completion. Unfortunately, right now, the only way to find out which active project is the oldest is by going to a subsection and pressing Ctrl+F (Find) on my browser for each page. :?

(Unless one can show me an existing way to find out which is the oldest active project on Librivox without using good ol' Ctrl + F :D )
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Good idea, but it would be hard to implement. That's not in our table data to pull from, and it would be a lot of work to find that info each time. (Technically, the table isn't updated each time; it's replaced. So the dates would have to be researched and manually added each time the table's updated.)
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I know that some people wanting to help that way check the readers wanted columns and look at the threads with the oldest last post on the last page. At least if gives a place to start .

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