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daddy long legs, by jean webster (1876 - 1912)
Daddy-Long-Legs is a 1912 epistolary novel by the American writer Jean Webster. It follows the protagonist, Jerusha "Judy" Abbott, as she leaves an orphanage and is sent to college by a benefactor whom she has never seen.

Plot summary
Jerusha Abbott was brought up at the John Grier Home, an old-fashioned orphanage. The children were completely dependent on charity and had to wear other people's cast-off clothes. Jerusha's unusual first name was selected by the matron from a gravestone (she hates it and uses "Judy" instead), while her surname was selected out of the phone book.

One day, after the asylum's trustees have made their monthly visit, Judy is informed by the asylum's dour matron that one of the trustees has offered to pay her way through college. He has spoken to her former teachers and thinks she has potential to become an excellent writer. He will pay her tuition and give her a generous monthly allowance. Judy must write him a monthly letter because he believes that letter-writing is important to the development of a writer. However, she will never know his identity; she must address the letters to Mr. John Smith, and he never will reply.

Judy catches a glimpse of the shadow of her benefactor from the back, and knows he is a tall long-legged man. Because of this, she jokingly calls him Daddy-Long-Legs. She attends a "girls college" on the East Coast. She illustrates her letters with childlike line drawings, also created by Jean Webster.

The book chronicles Judy's educational, personal, and social growth. One of the first things she does at college is to change her name to Judy. She designs a rigorous reading program for herself and struggles to gain the basic cultural knowledge to which she, growing up in the bleak environment of the orphanage, never was exposed.

During her stay, she befriends Sallie McBride (the most entertaining person in the world) and Julia Rutledge Pendleton (the least so) and sups with them and Leonora Fenton. (Summary by wikipedia)
Source text (please read only from this text!):

Target completion date: 2024-03-03

Prooflistening level: Standard
Prospective PLs, please see the Guide for Proof-listeners.

IMPORTANT - soloist, please note: in order to limit the number of languishing projects on our server, we ask that you post an update at least once a month in your project thread, even if you haven't recorded anything. If we don't hear from you for three months, your project may be opened up to a group project if a Book Coordinator is found. Files you have completed will be used in this project. If you haven't recorded anything yet, your project will be removed from the forum (contact any admin to see if it can be re-instated).

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  • Project Code: q3UrE9Pe
  • Link to author on Wikipedia (if available): (jean webster)
  • Link to title on Wikipedia (if available):
  • Number of sections (files) this project will have: 16
  • Does the project have an introduction or preface: No
  • Original publication date (if known): 1912
  • If you are a new volunteer, how would you like your name (or pseudonym) credited in the catalog? Louise Reed
  • Do you have a URL you would like associated with your name?:

Genres for the project: Epistolary Fiction; Children's Fiction

Keywords that describe the book: witty authentic epistolary coming of age


LibriVox recording settings: mono (1 channel), 44100 Hz sample rate, 128 kbps constant bit rate MP3. See the Tech Specs

Intro to recording:
Leave 0.5 to 1 second of silence at the beginning.

For the first section, say:
"Section (or Chapter) # of daddy long legs. This is a LibriVox recording. All LibriVox recordings are in the public domain. For more information or to volunteer, please visit" [Optional: "Read by your name."] "daddy long legs, by jean webster. Section Title."
For the second and subsequent sections, you may use the shortened intro if you wish:
"Section (or Chapter) # of daddy long legs, by jean webster. This LibriVox recording is in the public domain." [Optional: "Read by your name."] "Section Title."
End of recording:
"End of section (or chapter) #." [Optional, and if not stated in the intro: "Read by your name, city, date."]
If you are recording the final section of the book, add:
"End of daddy long legs, by jean webster."
Leave 5 seconds of silence at the end.

Filename: daddylonglegs_##_webster_128kb.mp3 where ## is the section number. (e.g. daddylonglegs_01_webster_128kb.mp3)

Upload to the LibriVox Uploader:

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Hi.  Welcome to LibriVox. I see this is your very first post to the forum.

Before starting a solo project, please complete and get an OK on a one-minute test to check your technical settings. It's not an audition, but to simply confirm that your files meet our requirements Post your test in the Listeners Wanted Forum and an experienced LVer will have a listen and check the specs for you.  It would be a shame to record a whole section, only to have to redo it because of some simple setting that is incorrect.  

Even if you are experienced with recording elsewhere, please send in a short test recording to check that all the technical settings meet LibriVox requirements before recording a full chapter.

1-Minute Test

Also as a new reader, we strongly recommend that you record a section or two in group projects before embarking on a solo, so that you can get a sense of the amount of time and effort a commitment to a solo recording would entail, as well as become a little familiar with the community here and our process for submitting files, prooflistening, etc. As a soloist, you will be responsible not only for recording and editing all the sections, but you will also be your own book coordinator (BC) which means you will be responsible for entering all the information (titles, time, links) into the workflow system.  

I should also mention that this will be the third version of this book in the catalog. This is OK since it gives our listeners a choice of voice, but some readers prefer to record something that hasn't been already recorded. :)
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Moving this to the holding area to keep the Launch Pad tidy. Reader, when you're ready to start after Jo's instructions, post in this thread, and we'll move it back to the Launch Pad for you. :)
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