Travel, Poetry, History, Autobiographical Sketches, and Novels by Mathilda Betham-Edwards

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Here is a list of works written by the prolific author, Matilda Betham-Edwards. She wrote a lot of different things, but one of her favorite topics was France, especially travel in France. I believe I sorted all the titles in the correct subcategories that she wrote in, but as I only skimmed them I might have accidentally miscategorized some of them.

I know travel fiction is a popular topic for many readers on LibriVox so I thought I would provide a list:

Travel Fiction
East of Paris

Holidays in Eastern France

A Year in Western France

In the Heart of the Vosges and Other Sketches

Roof of France

Literary Rambles in France

Unfrequented France

Through Spain to the Sahara

Friendly Faces of Three Nationalities

Holiday Letters from Athens, Cairo, and Weimar

In French-Africa: Scenes and Memories

France of Today

Scenes and Stories of the Rhine

Under the German Ban in Alsace and Lorraine

Holidays Among the Mountains, or Scenes and Stories of Wales

Mid-Victorian Memories

Anglo-French Reminiscences, 1875-1899


From an Islington Window

The Primrose Pilgrimage


Twentieth Century France

Home Life in France

French Men and Women and Books

French Vignettes: A Series of Dramatic Episodes 1787-1871

The Autobiography of Arthur Young (edited)

Arthur Young’s Travels in France During the Years 1787-1789 (edited)

Six Life Studies of Famous Women

Barham Brocklebank, M.D.


Brother Gabriel
Vol. 1:
Vol. 2:
Vol. 3:

The Curb of Honor


Doctor Jacob

The Dream Charlotte

A Dream of Millions, and Other Tales

Exchange No Robbery and Other Novelettes


The Flower of Doom

Forestalled; or, The Life-Quest

For One and the World

Halfway: An Anglo-France Romance

Hearts of Alsace

A Humble Lover

John and I
Vol. 1:
Vol. 2:
Vol. 3:

Vol. 1:
Vol. 2:
Vol. 3:

Lisabee’s Love Story
Vol. 1:
Vol. 2:
Vol. 3:

The Lord of the Harvest

Love and Mirage; or, The Waiting on an Island

Martha Rose, Teacher

Mock Beggar’s Hall

Next of Kin Wanted
Vol. 1:
Vol. 2:

A North Country Comedy

Now or Never

The Parting of the Ways


The Romance of a French Parsonage; or, The Double Sacrifice

A Romance of Dijon

The Starry Blossom and Other Stories

A Storm-Rent Sky

A Suffolk Courtship

The Sylvestres

Two Aunts and a Nephew

The White House by the Sea
Vol. 1:
Vol. 2:

A Winter with the Swallows
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