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The French Revolution: A Political History 1789–1804 (1910)

ℹ️ "In this Political History of the French Revolution, I propose to show how the principles of the Declaration of Rights were, between 1789 and 1804, put into operation by the institutions of the time ; or interpreted by speeches, by the press, by the policies of the various political parties, and by the manifestations of public opinion. Two of these principles, the principle of the equality of rights, and the principle of national sovereignty, were those most often invoked in the elaboration of the new state politic. They are, historically, the essential principles of the Revolution ; variously conceived, differently applied, according to the period. The chief object of this book is the narration of the vicissitudes which these two principles underwent.

In other words, I wish to write the political history of the Revolution from the point of view of the origin and the development of Democracy and Republicanism."
(Author's Preface)

ℹ️ "A great political history of the Revolutionary era. His narrative is intelligent and instructive beyond all others, and is remarkably free from prejudice. He maintains that, on the eve of the Revolution, no one had ever dreamed of the establishment of a republic in France. It was the King, who refused loyally to accept his new role of Constitutional monarch, who was responsible for the fall of the Throne, which was precipitated by the written proofs of his treason seized by the victors of the 10 August. Out of the exasperation of all patriots over the invasion of France by Austria and Prussia, to replace Louis on his throne, was born the Republic." (Walter Geer, The French Revolution: A Historical Sketch)

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