[Fixed ?] the book of a thousand nights and a night volume 1 track titles

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Post by niobium » March 6th, 2020, 11:53 pm


the first track 'section one' does not have a title, track number, album name or contributing artist entered into the metadata for the section. I also noticed that there appears to be something wrong with the track numbers ranging from 3 to 45 even though there are only 23 sections. maybe this wont appear in the app version of librivox, but it scrambles up the listings when downloaded or added to a computer or phone

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Post by dlolso21 » March 7th, 2020, 9:52 pm

I have renumbered the track numbers.

I downloaded the 128kb version of the first section, it showed metadata. The 64kb versions of our files are generated by the server from the 128kb versions we upload - the metadata does not always carry over perfectly during this process.

David O

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