How To Write Short Stories, by Ring Lardner

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Post by msfry » February 8th, 2020, 3:57 pm

I am about to launch Ring Lardner's How To Write Short Stories (1924). There are 10 stories, all funny. This is an opportunity for you avid sports announcer wanna be's, who like to ham it up, to strut your stuff. I usually read for the projects I BC, but the only story that will work for me here is the first one, which I will set up as a duet between a braggadocios Yankee fella trying to make his debut as a song writer in NYC, and a rather opinionated, unsophisticated Chicago girl he met at the train station. They write letters back and forth, trying to impress each other.

If you're interested, take a gander at the book and let me know what story you'd like to claim. They are all around 40-55 minutes long, divided into two parts.

I'm waiting for another project of mine to finish up before I launch this one. But it's so hard to wait. :roll:

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Post by CSCO » February 14th, 2020, 4:39 am


Oh, dear. I don't speak English...

(Young Ernest Hemingway liked to read his works, I know.)

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