The Story Of The Greatest Nations (1913/1914) by Ellis, E. S. & Horne, C. F. [World History]

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∙ Title: The Story Of The Greatest Nations & The World's Famous Events
∙ Author/Editor: Ellis, Edward Sylvester (1840–1916) & Horne, Charles Francis (1870–1942)
∙ Publisher: Francis R. Niglutsch
∙ Date/Edition/Impression: 1913 & 1914


By following linearly the development of human history, the authors examine accordingly in each volume the history of specific nations.

"TO PRESENT the "Story" of history in so simple a form that every one, young and old, may understand and also enjoy it, is no easy matter. Yet the story is of profound importance for us all to know. Our every action in the present is formed upon our knowledge of the past. Hence, the fuller our understanding of that Past, which is History, the wiser will be our actions in the Present, and the keener our judgments of the Future."

(From Preface)

Readability Information

10 Volumes. Each volume is divided into numerous chapters of relatively small and moderate length. A large number of illustrations out of text.
Numerous intervening texts out of text accompanied by illustrations, constituting –in my opinion– illegible material and not possible to incorporate. Perhaps, a feasible option would be to record separate tracks dealing exclusively with them.

Lector Recitator’s Readability Rating

Not in regards to Subject Matter or Overall Length, but Structure
(i.e., Division of written material into Chapters/Sections & Subchapters/Subsections and their individual length.)

∙ 1/5: Laborious
∙ 2/5: Challenging
3/5: Readable ←
∙ 4/5: Quite Readable
∙ 5/5: Exceedingly Readable


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