Denny Sayers has died

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English Andrew
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Post by English Andrew » April 25th, 2015, 1:15 am

I am proud to have been able to record 'Swann's Way' with him. His illness was apparent in how long that project took but there was no sign of it in the quality of his recording. As others have said, he will be missed.
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Post by neckertb » April 25th, 2015, 3:08 am

Sincere condolences to Denny's family. He was definitely one of the pillars of LV, and it will be very strange not to have him around anymore.

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Post by Lucy_k_p » April 25th, 2015, 7:18 am

Such sad news. My condolences to his family.

I know I've heard his voice in quite a few things I've listened to over the years, and I'm sure I'll hear it again in the future.
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Post by gloriana » April 25th, 2015, 8:26 am

I'm so shocked to hear this, and very sad. I worked with Denny on many projects here, and he was an important member of our community. My personal favorites of roles he read for my projects include Dr. Seward in Dracula (a huge part of the book! -, a brilliantly funny turn as Simeonov-Pischin in Chekhov's The Cherry Orchard (, and a wonderfully pedantic Holofernes in Shakespeare's Love's Labor's Lost ( Rest in peace, Denny, and thanks for voicing so many great characters.

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Post by JoFriday21 » April 25th, 2015, 8:58 am

He will be so missed - what a lovely man! You are in our thoughts and prayers, Roberta!

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Post by Kristingj » April 27th, 2015, 2:05 am

Sending prayers to his family and loved ones. He did a great job here, and will be missed. :(

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Post by wib66 » April 28th, 2015, 12:40 pm

I agree with Lynne even though we are all over the world and have never met, it tears at your heart to hear of the loss of one of the members. My thoughts and prayers are with Roberta and her family and friends. He will live on through Librivox. A sad time. :(
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Post by libraryanne » May 7th, 2015, 4:59 am

I just read this news now and I'm very sad to know Denny passed away. I DPL'ed for him a few times and I really enjoyed listening to him. My condolences also to his family and friends. RIP Mr. Sayers.


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Post by ej400 » September 29th, 2015, 4:52 pm

I really wanted to do a duet with him. He was one of my favorite readers. :cry:
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Post by catrose » February 7th, 2016, 1:03 pm

I am in tears to have only discovered this now!

God bless Denny, recording audiobooks up there with the Angels now.

I worked with him on so many plays that I have lost count. He was to be Friar Lawrence in my R+J and I could listen to him record forever. I've listened to probably every play he was in.

I just can't believe it. I'm devastated and gobsmacked.

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miss stav
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Post by miss stav » February 7th, 2016, 1:49 pm

I have discovered this now... And I am also in tears. I will always remember his voice. It is so sad.
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Post by Dani251 » June 11th, 2017, 12:53 am

I just wanted to leave my condolences to Roberta. I am only just discovering Denny's readings now, but he really brings the work alive and I am greatly inspired, as a new reader.

He certainly has made an incredible contribution and impression here - I wish you and your family well, though you must miss him so much, still.


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