Swedish books that you want to hear?

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Post by gegoxaren » May 7th, 2009, 4:21 am

hello I was wondering if any one could suggest a Swedish book, in Swedish, that you would like to hear, I was thinking of doing it as a solo porject (although editorial(mixing cutting etc) help would be helpful).

I was thinking of doing a book that is on RuneBerg.org, they are in the public domain.

[ni kan gärna svara på Svenska]

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My Jabber/XMPP is gego@gajim.org

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Post by Cori » May 7th, 2009, 4:56 am

I don't speak Swedish, but if you don't mind me offering an opinion anyway ... perhaps some short stories for the Multi-lingual collection would be a neat place to start off with. Then, well, whatever's most classic in Swedish literature, I guess. The real "ought to have read" books. :D And also, perhaps, some Aesop's Fables..? We have those in lots of different languages already, and I think it's pretty cool to be able to go between different languages (and not necessarily English), for those learning a second or third language. That does depend on them having a public domain translation, of course (any book where it was published before 1923, and the translator died before 1938.)
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Post by gegoxaren » May 7th, 2009, 5:57 am

-_- -- Aesop's Fables does not seem to be available on Runeberg ...
but the translator, Erik Hedén, died 1925 and the book was translated 1919.
So if I am to do that, I will have to find the old translation, scan it and upload it to Runeberg...
that is a bit to much work, for a sole man.

any outer brilliant ideas?

Regards Gego/XAREN

I think i will just take "one in the pile", as we say in Sweden, and start (translating in to modern Swedish and start) recording...

If I can get my computer to behave, (lots of hissing -_-).




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Post by annise » May 7th, 2009, 6:08 am

Well I don't know about the brilliant part , but is there some famous childrens book or one you loved or Swedish traditional tales that isn't too long - Its nice to start with something short that you can finish quickly as a first project.


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Post by Illiterati » May 19th, 2009, 3:13 am

Hej gego!

Det beror på vilka slags bok du vill läsa det mesta, tycker jag! Lars Rowlander har läst några projekt här på svenska, som jag har varit en provlyssnare i. Just nu lyssnar jag på hans läsning av en bok av Viktor Rydberg här.

Det bästa vägen att börja skulle vara att läsa nånting kort (t.e. lyrik till multilingual poetry collection) på svenska, så du skulle se hur det går och vad du tycker om att läsa - och sen kanske göra en kort novell till multilingual short story collection. Efter det skulle jag rekommendera att du väljar nånting du har alltid viljat läsa dig själv!

Om du inte vet var att börja, jag kan alltid rekommendera Edith Södergran :D

Det bästa,

Du kanske ser att svenska är inte mitt modersmål, men jag gör min bäst... :lol:
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Post by Olof » October 15th, 2014, 1:29 pm

Hej! Här är några böcker jag skulle vilja lyssna på på Svenska. Jag har också funderat på att läsa in och har idag fått min provläsning OK:ad så om det behövs kan jag också hjälpa till.

Antikrists mirakler - Selma Lagerlöf
Jerusalem - Selma Lagerlöf
Strändernas svall - Eyvind Johnsson
Inferno - August Strindberg
Skönhet för alla, Fyra uppsatser - Ellen Key

Hörs! Olof

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