[FULL] As You Like It by William Shakespeare - kit

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Post by Kitty » Yesterday, 1:51 am

WiltedScribe wrote:
November 29th, 2020, 8:44 pm
OK, I know I promised the minor characters first, but knocking out a major character first is also helpful, right? So here is Celia:
excellently done, Tomas. Your falsetto is quite convincing ;) Celia sounds very soft spoken. All parts PL ok.

That means, two more scenes are ready to edit. I will be doing my 1.3. as soon as I am done with my huge PL backlog. And there is 3.4. assigned to Craig, so whenever you have time Craig, there's a job waiting for you ;)

Also 2.1. was edited by me, so I need someone else to PL this scene. Whoever has time, please post in the thread.



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