IP - EDITORS WANTED: J.S. Bach, Vol. 2, by Albert Schweitzer

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[MUSIC]J.S. Bach, Volume 2 by Albert Schweitzer (1875 - 1965). Translated by Ernest Newman (1868 - 1959)
Volunteers outside the USA: Albert Schweitzer died in 1965. The author's work is still protected by copyright in places like Europe, where copyright is author's death plus 70 years, Australia (author's death plus 70 years for authors who died after 1955), UNLESS the rule of shorter term applies. Link to list of Copyright by Country.
The second volume of an extensive biography of J.S. Bach, the king of Baroque composers.
Summary by Mozartjr
This project is looking for EDITORS.

WHAT IS ASKED OF THE EDITOR: In this project, computerized music files/singing files will need to be put into the narrated files at the spots indicated in the book. The editor will need to find the parts in the book text and listen along with the narrated files to see where music needs to be inserted, and then they will insert the proper music into that section of the narration. If potential editors have questions, please PM me, instead of posting in the thread to eliminate any unnecessary cluttering of the thread.

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Please post in the project thread below if you can help with editing.

Text: https://archive.org/details/jsbach00widogoog

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