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Post by ToddHW » October 16th, 2020, 10:08 am

Multilingual Short Works Collection 027 - Poetry & Prose by Various .

This is our 27th collection of short pieces, poetry or prose, fiction and non-fiction, in several different languages (except standard English) as listed below. All chosen and recorded by Librivox volunteers. ( ToddHW)
  • Since the current collection (026) is full, here is another one. Kazbek will be BC, I will be MC, and Sonia will be DPL again.

    This collection is for short works, in any language except (modern) English. This can include poetry but also prose, fiction as well as non-fiction.

    Feel free to choose any work which is in the public domain. If you're unsure what we mean by 'public domain', please read this explanation. Try to stick to works that run less than 60 minutes.

    Please follow the instructions in this post carefully. :) There is no need to "sign-up" before recording; please remember that you should choose a work that is Public Domain in your country AND that was published before 1924; if you are unsure about anything, please post here and ask before recording!

    Everyone can contribute as many recordings as he/she wants.

    It's OK to submit readings in English (English being a language, I figure), but as there are plenty of other places to put those, let's limit them to special cases such as interesting regional dialects or accents.

    If you are interested to see what has been done previously, check the previous Multilingual Collections in our catalog (but we welcome multiple versions of the same work).

    Prospective Prooflisteners: Please read the Listeners Wanted FAQ before listening! Level of prooflistening requested: standard

    Please don't download or listen to files belonging to projects in process (unless you are the BC or PL). Our servers are not set up to handle the greater volume of traffic. Please wait until the project has been completed. Thanks!

    Magic Window:

    BC Admin ===========================================
    This paragraph is temporary and will be replaced by the MC with the list of sections and reader (Magic Window) once this project is in the admin system.
    • Project Code: r16T07l6
    • Link to author on Wikipedia (if available): ( none) : n/a
    • Link to title on Wikipedia (if available):
    • Number of sections (files) this project will have: 20
    • Does the project have an introduction or preface [y/n]: No
    • Original publication date (if known):
    • If you are a new volunteer, how would you like your name (or pseudonym) credited in the catalog? Do you have a URL you would like associated with your name?:

    Genres for the project:

    Keywords that describe the book: multi-lingual readings


    BEFORE recording: Please check the Recording Notes: viewtopic.php?p=6430#p6430
    Set your recording software to:
    Channels: 1 (Mono)
    Bit Rate: 128 kbps
    Sample Rate: 44.1 kHz
    DURING recording:
    No more than 0.5 to 1 second of silence at the beginning of the recording!
    Make sure you add this to the beginning of your recording:
    START of recording (Intro) The intro and outro can be in English, or in the language of the text.

    "[Title] by [author], read in [language]. This is a LibriVox recording. All LibriVox recordings are in the public domain. For more information, or to volunteer, please visit: librivox DOT org"

    For standard disclaimer translations in different languages, see

    At the END, say: "End of [Title], by [Author Name]"
    If you wish, you may also say: "Read by [your name]."

    There should be 5 seconds silence at the end of the recording.

    Only for works shorter than 500 words you can use the short or poetry disclaimer:

    "[Work title], by [author], read in [language] for by [your name]".

    At the End say: "End of [Title]. This recording is in the public domain".

    Please remember to check this thread frequently for updates!
    AFTER recording
    Need noise-cleaning?
    Listen to your file through headphones. If you can hear some constant background noise (hiss/buzz), you may want to clean it up a bit. The latest version of Audacity is recommended for noise-cleaning. See this LibriVox wiki page for a complete guide.
    Save as mp3 file
    File name all in lowercase: msw027_[work's title]_[author's last name]_[your initials]_128kb.mp3
    (e.g. msw027_chunsi_wang_drb_128kb.mp3)
    Put file name all in lower case, the title all in one word, drop articles (without the square brackets, please, and NO SPACES)

    Example ID3 V2 tags - do not worry about tags. These are done automatically when cataloging.

    Transfer of files (completed recordings) Please always post in this forum thread when you've sent a file. Also, post the length of the recording (file duration: mm:ss) together with the link.
    Upload your file with the LibriVox Uploader:
    (If you have trouble reading the image above, please message an admin)
    You'll need to select the MC, which for this project is: toddhw
    When your upload is complete, you will receive a link - please post it in this thread.
    If this doesn't work, or you have questions, please check our How To Send Your Recording wiki page.
    Any questions?
    Please post below

    Thanks, Todd

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Post by rachelmoraes » Yesterday, 8:55 pm

Hello Todd & Sonia

One in Portuguese for the 27th collection

Up loader link -
Duration – 19:00
Book title – Histórias sem data
Short story – A igreja do diabo
Publication date - 1884
Author – Machado de Assis
Birth and Death - 1839 – 1908
Link to author on Wikipedia - (Joaquim Maria Machado de Assis) :
Text source -
Keywords – Deus; diabo; igreja; vícios; virtudes; literatura brasileira
Language - Portuguese

Waiting to see if it is OK :?

Rachel 8-)

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