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Post by Valera » February 5th, 2017, 11:24 pm

Hello everyone,

Hi all,

I'm developing a free language-learning portal called LanguageQuesters, the concept is language-learning in a more immersive and/or interactive fashion. I've lately been using recordings from librivox (with all due credits naturally) to create dual-subtitled animated stories. You can see some of what I created here:

The link is safe, it's a wordpress based site :)

Most of the content you see at the moment is original stories I wrote, some not. I've been using non-English audio recordings from Librivox, adding them dual-subtitles and images and posting them as a language-learning video. Currently I've only done it to Spanish but I've also started with Russian (it helps that I'm familiar with Spanish and know Russian pretty well).
At any rate,
Since I think Librivox is a wonderful community, I'm looking here for volunteers to help me out create more such material. I originally tried to hire freelancers to help with translations/creative writing/voice acting/editing etc -- unfortunately I'm out of money and realized I simply can't afford it. So, if there are any volunteers out there willing to contribute their time for an educational project, that'd be fantastic. The concept is simply creating language-learning materials-- either by using Librivox recording, making a recording of your own or help with translation and dual-subtiitles creation; there is more information in the forums here:

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