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[ITALIAN] Clelia: il governo dei preti by Giuseppe Garibaldi

Posted: June 21st, 2014, 6:30 am
by Merione
I'd like to read, in a solo or collaborative project, the first novel by Giuseppe Garibaldi, "Clelia: il governo dei preti", written in Italian and published in 1870. I've already found the text on Gutenberg, so we don't have problems about PD.
It's a novel written mostly because Garibaldi was in lack of money and so he needed to earn some money to live, so it's not very complex, but I think that it could be interesting due to the ideas against the clergy that he expresses.
If the community agrees, I can start reading even tomorrow :) Just let me know :)

Re: [ITALIAN] Clelia: il governo dei preti by Giuseppe Garib

Posted: June 24th, 2014, 1:54 am
by Piotrek81
I understand you're talking about this work?
It looks OK both from LV standpoint (being on PG) and from EU copyright standpoint (Garibaldi having died over 70 years ago) so there's no probem here. :)
I can see that you've already read some short pieces for collections. Good :) This means that you're familiar with the procedures. This is important because as a soloist you'll have a high degree of independence which means that it's good to know how things work.
You don't really need any sort of authorisation from us - just go to the "Lauch Pad" section, select the "Start a new project" thread, click on the link in the first post and fill in the template. Then copy the code and paste it to a new thread in the Lauch Pad section.

If you feel unsure about soloing a work, watch Phil's video for first-time soloists (they can be found in the "Need Help?" section at the very top). There should also be something about soloing a work in our wiki. (none of it Italian, though, I'm afraid). And of course, there's always the forum to browse and people willing to answer all the questions :)

Have fun :)

EDIT: I've just noticed that you wrote "or as a collaborative project". BCing a group work is a bit more complicated and we suggest that in such cases the role of the BC should be taken by someone who already has more experience with LV procedures, because such a person also has to handle interactions with other readers and has to know what to do in certain situations that may arise. If you'd like to lanuch it as a group project, I'd suggest you ask some more experienced Italian reader to be the BC. Of course, you'd be alble to claim sections in such a project as well :)

Re: [ITALIAN] Clelia: il governo dei preti by Giuseppe Garib

Posted: June 24th, 2014, 4:09 am
by Merione
Yes, that's the work I was talking about :)
I've read some short poems in the collection for the 9th anniversary of LV, and I'm BCing a solo project about short poetry. Now I'd like to try also some prose and I found this work that seems perfect: there are a lot of chapters (76!) but they are quite short, so I think that I can manage them easily. Thank you for the good information :) Maybe I'll wait that my other solo project goes on more before starting also this one :)