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A Battle for Right, by Nicholas Carter Chapter 12 incomplete

Posted: April 6th, 2021, 12:15 pm
by dltrial
Chapter 12 cuts off before the finish.

Re: A Battle for Right, by Nicholas Carter Chapter 12 incomplete

Posted: April 6th, 2021, 12:27 pm
by TriciaG
Confirmed. BC PM'd.

Missing the following text:
The big man, whose name, it seemed, was Davis, made a lunge at Nick with his long, dirty knife.

The detective was too quick for him, however. Dodging the knife stroke, he feinted with his right fist, and then sent his left straight into Davis’ face, between the eyes.

The blow was a magnificent one from a boxer’s point of view. Not only did it send Davis down the few stairs up which he had come, but it drove him six or eight feet along the hall.

It was not altogether satisfactory to Nick, however. He had to dispose of the big man, of course. But, in the meantime, T. Burton Potter was getting away.

Flying up the stairs, three at a time, the elegant-appearing crook ran into the first room he came to, which looked over the back yard.

Skipping to the window, he unlatched the sash and threw it wide open. He intended to drop out to the back yard. But just as he was ready to do so, he saw two officers waiting to receive him, and he ran back into the room.

“Euchred that way!” he muttered. “But I don’t know. There are others. They haven’t landed me yet.”

By this time Nick was at the doorway. He was just in time to see Potter’s head and shoulders in outline[78] against the dim light of the window, and made a spring to make him prisoner.

There was a derisive chuckle, and Potter slithered around the dark walls of the room. The next moment, as Nick advanced to the center of the chamber, Potter had slipped out of the door.

“Confound the fellow! I almost had him!” exclaimed Nick, in a low tone, and half inclined to laugh at the slipperiness of the fellow. “He’s gone! Well, I’ll have to begin all over again. If he knew what I wanted him for, perhaps it would be different. But I can’t tell him till I’ve had a chance to talk to him and make a few notes for comparison.”