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Unknown to History, by C. M. Yonge - Repeats

Posted: January 7th, 2020, 11:21 am
by AlaynaMay
There are several repeats/ mistakes in Unknown to History, by Charlotte Mary Yonge. I think these should be fairly easy to correct, and I could probably even do it myself if someone could tell me where to upload and link to the files.

Section 15, Chapter 14: The Monograms: Repeat around 2:26-2:30: "Oh, I assure thee, it might have been a ballad for its sadness."

Section 16, Chapter 15: Mother and Daughter: Repeat around 16:35: "morning draught of spiced milk, borne in by one..."

Section 33, Chapter 32: Westminster Hall: Repeat around 4:00: "yet it may believe..."