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[NOT LV] Everlasting Man

Posted: April 12th, 2019, 6:48 pm
by annise
from help desk
Thu, Apr 11, 11:07 PM (2 days ago)

-Name of Book: The Everlasting Man by GK Chesterton and read by David Grizzly Smith
-Chapter/Section: 2+
-File format (64kbps mp3, 128 kbps mp3, ogg vorbis): ??
-How you downloaded the file (individual download, zip download, ftp, podcast download): individual chapters
-Nature of problem:

The downloaded file says that it cannot play. It will play if I stream it live, but this eats my data plan (which is why I download the chapters over wifi). I am running LibriVox on an IPhone 5, IOS 10.3.3. I have listened to a few other books and they have all been great and played without problems.

-Time or times-location of problems (if possible): 8:00-9:00am EST, 3:30-5:00pm EST


Re: Everlasting Man

Posted: April 14th, 2019, 4:44 pm
by dlolso21
Please send back an email to the listener.

I searched for the project "The Everlasting Man" and for the reader "David Grizzly Smith" in Librivox and came up empty.

He/She appears to be talking about this audiobook ( ) on the "Librivox Audiobook App". That page says, "This book comes from Visit to find out more or support the author." so it appears the recording referred to is not from Librivox.

David O