[FIXED] Archive.org listing extra outdated file.

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Post by Sonnie » July 19th, 2017, 1:05 am

Hi there, :D

A new Librivox book was recently cataloged and is correct on Librivox.org but contains a duplicate audio file on Archive.org.

Correct Librivox listing: https://librivox.org/the-path-to-prosperity-by-james-allen/

Internet Archive Page: https://archive.org/details/pathtoprosperity_1707_librivox
File which needs to be removed: https://archive.org/details/pathtoprosperity_1707_librivox/pathtoprosperity_07_allen.mp3

Many thanks

LibriVox Admin Team
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Post by annise » July 19th, 2017, 2:31 am

Tell your MC - they will fix it . You have to remember time zones vary , many others are asleep or at work.

Actually I can fix it , is just a display error, it happens sometimes. And doesn't cause any problems, just looks odd

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