The Metamorphisis

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Post by ominiousd » July 3rd, 2009, 2:20 am

I am very nit-picky, and noticed these flaws in the recording in correspondence to the text being used.

I hope this helps.


Metamorphosis part 2

Approximate Time - 23:40
Recording: said the word "cold"
Text: "cool"

Approximate Time - 28:30
Recording: himself so completely ...
Text: the word "away" is missing

Approximate Time - 51:40
Recording: sharp objects and spikes
Text: sharp POINTS and spikes

Part 3

Approximate Time - 5:31
Recording: trouble
Text: obstacle

Approximate Time - 7:02
Recording: suitable box
Text: sizable box

Approximate Time - 34:33
Recording: to create problems to anyone
Text: to create problems FOR anyone

Approximate Time - 42:10
Recording: into the living room
Text: into the BED ROOM

Approximate Time - 46:00
Recording: three letters of apology: Mr. Samsa to his superior
Text: three letters of apology: Mr. Samsa to his SUPERVISOR

Approximate Time - 49:30
Recording: better suited
Text: better situated

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