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Post by sirjoh » June 27th, 2009, 6:03 am


In browsing LV catalogue I discovered that Multilingual Poetry Collection 003 http://librivox.org/multilingual-poetry-collection-003/ contains a recording of Eugenio Montale's Fine della fanciullezza.

Please, note that:
  • the author died 1981
    the poem was published in 1925 in the collection Ossi di seppia
Thus, I gather that the public domain status of the above poem should be checked by someone expert in the field.

Although Montale is one of my best loved poets in the language, I have always restrained from recording any of his poems since I've always thought they were in the public domain.

Thank you


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Post by knotyouraveragejo » June 27th, 2009, 5:57 pm


Thanks for pointing out this oversight. The recording has been removed from the collection. I'm guessing that because the text was available online, the reader thought that it was in the public domain. But clearly with a 1925 publication date and author's date of death of 1981 that can't be the case.

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