Want to start a collaborative book?

Post ALL new projects here (solos, books, short works/poetry collections, drama -- in any language.) Please read the stickies first
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Post by Cori » April 20th, 2008, 7:52 am

Please read this page on the LibriVox wiki, which is regularly updated: http://wiki.librivox.org/index.php/How_To_Become_A_Book_Coordinator

It contains all the basic information you'll need to get started, including information on what book coordinators do, who can become a book coordinator, and some helpful tips to make coordinating at LibriVox as easy as possible.

When you are ready to start, please use the Project Template Generator that formats your first post for you!

There are notes on how to use the Project Template Generator here: http://wiki.librivox.org/index.php/Project_Template_Generator

When you start a thread here, please give it a title such as "GROUP: <title> by <author>". If you need a dedicated prooflistener, put a ~ at the very beginning. e.g. "~GROUP: War and Peace by Leo Tolstoy".

When an MC has signed on to help with the project, they will move the thread from here to the appropriate forum :)
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