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May I have Maid for Act 1 and Act 2


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Posting an update on Peg:

Acts 2 and 3 are recorded; just need to edit them. Also waiting to hear how you would like the songs handled in Act 2 (from a previous post).
-Jenn B.

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jennlea wrote:
September 19th, 2020, 9:00 pm
Before I record I’d like to get your thoughts on the singing Peg does in Act 2. I’m totally fine with singing so that’s not a problem. The tunes she sings are at the end of the play and are easy enough to find and learn. However, for the first song “Temple Friendship” if I use the tune suggested there is not a good spot to pause for the narrator line at the bottom of page 89.

If you don’t think the narrator line is essential I can use the suggested tune or I found another one that would work fine if you do want space for the “Points to Cupid” line to fit.
I don’t think that line is essential so using the suggested tune would work best!
A.M.B. :roll:
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