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Post by ToddHW » June 24th, 2020, 4:22 pm

Thank you, and welcome to Librivox. You should first complete the One Minute Test so that we can ensure that your equipment is set up properly to give us files we can use. I will hold the part a week or two while you do that.

When you are ready to go, here are some instructions. The first posting in this (and every) project has the instructions on file names and uploading files and posting the uploader link in the forum to have the file Proof-Listened. This is standard throughout Librivox. I have also made a short summary for the important special rules in drama, so here goes:

1) you don't have to read an intro or outro disclaimer, this will be done by the narrator. Instead, record your voice credit at the beginning of the file, which should be something like: "Iphicrate, prince in love with Eriphyle, read by XXXX" (whatever you want your reader name to be)

2) then browse through the text (link to the text is in the first posting) and record all the lines you have to speak. Also include any "All" lines while your character is on stage. For a big role it may be good to read the entire play to get into character, but at least it would be good to read a bit around your lines, see what the others are saying, so you can better "react" to them. Just be as expressive (according to the character) as you can in your role.

3) if there are pointers in the text qualifying your voice, like [laughs] or [whines], an added bonus would be that you act those out in your reading, if possible, to make it all more interesting.

4) your file will be proof-listened, and you may receive some notes on corrections and their time locations in your file. These will be posted in the forum and show in the Magic Window marked as "See PL Notes" - please cut corrections into your file to update it and upload a new file (SAME NAME) in a reasonable time - like before your voice and equipment setup change and everything sounds different!

5) and most importantly: please leave enough space between each of your speeches, preferably 5-10 seconds or more. Even when you have the stage directions in the middle of your speech (for example: [kisses her hand]), also leave 5-10 seconds of pause there, because our editor (me) later on has to copy all your parts and paste them into his (my) master file and it's helpful if he (me) has enough space to fiddle with

That's it, I think. Just have fun acting out. And post any questions here.

Any questions, just ask.

Thanks, Todd

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