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Post by ceastman » September 29th, 2009, 2:07 pm

If a part in your dramatic work is orphaned, please post an announcement here. Please post a link to your project thread, and perhaps a quick summary of the expected workload for the part.

When your parts have been claimed please edit your post to let people know it's no longer available or message an admin to delete the post.

NOTE: This thread is to be used if a role in a fully claimed project has an orphaned role. It is not to announce openings in projects that are only partly full. (Use your judgment if a major role, such as Narrator for a DR, is orphaned while a tiny role or two are still open.)

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Post by LikeManyWaters » February 9th, 2020, 7:57 am

The role for Polly Farrell is now orphaned in Andrew the Glad DR.
Young female "debutante". :) A few lines in three chapters. See link in my signature below!

Also, I need readers for a few other minor characters...

Tempie - female black servant, written in dialect
Mrs. Peyton Kendrick - middle-aged woman
Jake and others - young black boys, written in dialect (I'll just use one person for these lines)
Cap Cantrell - older man, confederate veteran, father of Tom

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OPEN [DR] Andrew the Glad - 4 more roles available!

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