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Post by JayS » November 14th, 2020, 5:20 pm

Hi to all.
My name is Jay Salam.
I have worked with Librivox in several capacities. I have been too busy to do any further work for a time, but I respect what they are doing.
I am currently looking for really good voice actors to do work that will go into the commercial audiobook world.
Audiobook narration is a great deal more demanding that working with Librivox. The deadlines are demanding and the work even more so.
The work can pay anything from zero to several hundred dollars per finished hour. Starting out is always lower pay than that of narrators with many books to their credit. There are even project where the narrator shares royalties with the author, which candidly is usually the poorest pay of all.
Here is what is needed:
1. The ability to read as though you were telling a story and not reading a story.
2. The ability to use various accents with authority.
3. The ability to become various characters in speech patterns and
4. The ability to convincingly portray characters both male and female. The does not mean to completely change your voice from male to female or female to male, but to act well enough that the listener knows who is speaking at all points in a dialogue.
5. You will be every character in a play and like what you have been doing the play is audio only.
There is much more, but that is a start.

My part is this, I am the editing and mastering engineer and I supply a quite excellent proof listener. I will help you meet all professional standards and give the same help with auditions and contracted projects. I take no money from you. We split all proceeds 50/50 and when you are well paid, so am I. When you are poorly paid, so am I.

Additionally I wish to state that I do not in any way wish you to abandon Librivox and the fine work they are doing. The work is demanding as I am sure you already know and is time consuming. The deadlines for commercial work are quite demanding as are the technical requirements.

If you have an interest and believe you may have the time and skills, you may contact me at jaysalam@gmail.com
If you would like to audition, I will sent you a script by email and when you are done I will share the link to my Auditions folder in Dropbox.

Jay Salam
Nothing sounds as good as audio! 8-)

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