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Question about findaway voices

Posted: July 21st, 2020, 3:08 am
by Mooninya
Hi, just so you know, Findaway Voices is the online platform that helps to match the narrator with suitable audiobook projects to work on, and authors to find suitable voiceover that fits best the theme and tone of their works. The successful project will brings in pay-per-rate income, royalties and be available on more than 20 distribution network.
so apparently I had been starting my Findaway voices account since early July, and yet I have received any notifications for audiobook audition. My voice is female young adult, and I can speak both English and Chinese. I had sent in up to 10 samples of different genres in both languages. I wonder what is taking so long for the audition matching process?
Has anyone here been working with Findaway voices before? How are the experiences like? How long did it take for the first audition request to come in? I hope we can discuss about it since I am still new to this whole narrator thing, and hoping to start my work online asap. :help: