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Post by CSCO » February 16th, 2021, 10:44 am

[China (とうき, or 陶器)]

CSCO died at last. CSCO died in Chick's arms among their 100 cats.

At first, I ought to introduce Kitaooji Rosanjin (北大路 魯山人) and his works.

Kaneshige Toyo (金重 陶陽):

Kaneshige Michiaki (金重 道明):

Chinas (national treasures):

Toyotomi Hideyoshi (豊臣 秀吉) found out that he didn't have enough lands to distribute to his followers. So, he gave the finest tea-things as the most honorable reward sometimes. (Hideyoshi liked a cat.)

Chick read a CSCO's will:

"Hi, Chick, good-bye.

I must give you my secret. I was born in a zaibatsu family as a prince. When I was a kid, my parents contracted a marriage. So, I have a wife. I must apologize to you.

I can leave nothing for you except for a few things. This is my regret. My wife hates both a cat and you. So, she promises to give you only the followings:

1. Cats and cat goods. Our 100 cats, 100 feeding chinas, 100 milking chinas, and so on. [The cat goods are very expensive. They are national treasures (こくほう, or 国宝).]

2. Our shack with cat pee smell and a little garden [with a secret hot spring under the ground].

You must call on Tanaka-sensei, our lawyer. He has the notarized documents and all their boxes.

Yes, our shack has the smell just a little. But it has been my paradise on the earth with you. Now I must go. Thanks a lot with love."
No way. He stole away a pretty thing, you know.
That's your heart.

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