Any SAR people out there?

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Hazel Pethig
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Post by Hazel Pethig » December 18th, 2018, 9:51 pm

I live in British Columbia, Canada and am an active member of my local SAR group. Any one else? What do you like about SAR?
I am a fully qualified SAR member but I don't search or rescue, I run comms and IT out of our command vehicle. I work closely with our managers in mapping areas searched, areas to be searched and plotting anything relevant we find. Like any SAR member I also prep vehicles for roll out, do refuelings, and prep vehicles for the next call out.
We were called out today and had the very best outcome. We mustered at our hall and after a quick task briefing rolled out 2 of our 4 vehicles. Half way there we got a call over the radio to stand down and RTB. Subject safe with the RCMP. So in effect, I dropped everything, drove to our SAR hall and took our command vehicle out for a drive! I kind of like a task like that.
Of course we have bad days and some very bad days, but overall I find SAR one of the most (strangely) enjoyable things I do. I love the group I work with, we all support each other and I love that my non-searching skills are a valuable asset to the group.

I'd love to hear any one else's stories about their SAR experiences.

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