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Post by petemit » October 18th, 2018, 8:03 pm

Hello all!

So… I'm lookin' at you, audiobook reader aficionados. :) I could use some help and feedback to find out if the app I made helps you in your recording process.

I made this app called VoiceBox to help audiobook readers. That's right… specifically for you.

I had the idea because I listen to audiobooks pretty consistently, and I have been so impressed by how some professional readers are able to keep their voices consistent among the different characters, and I would often wonder what kind of organization system they'd have to set up to keep track of all of the characters and their voices. Not to mention the character's vocal nuances when they are upset vs. when they are happy, etc.

So, my app, basically, is for keeping track of your characters and their corresponding voices. I like to think it would be very useful. Even if you don't care to make different voices for your characters, it could be a convenient and visual way to catalog your characters by book.


I would love love love to hear your feedback if this is ACTUALLY something helpful for you. I've not had the pleasure of recording a full-sized novel, before. It's on my gigundo todo list that I want to get to at some point. But, that's why I'd like to get feedback from those who have actual experience recording books.

What do you think? Is this something that can/will help you? Anything that you'd like to see in an app like this?



p.s. If you like the app, it of course wouldn't hurt my feelings if you decided to leave a review in the play store. ;)
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