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Post by ColleenMc » May 1st, 2018, 7:57 am

So, I’m a huge Marvel cinematic universe (MCU) fan, since I’m a comic book geek going back to college days in the 80s, and I’m so happy to see them finally adapted well by people who genuinely love and understand the characters and stories.

I’m a retired police officer (took early retirement at 50) and one side effect of that career is that I do NOT like crowd situations. So I’m super excited to see the new Avengers movie but no way in heck I was going opening weekend. I waited til today so I could get great seats in an Uncrowded screening room (and okay $5 Tuesday at AMC helps too—I AM a retiree after all). So today is D day (A day?) and this afternoon is X hour.

Since Thursday I have stayed off social media for the most part, even my beloved YouTube (ASMR videos help me sleep at night) to avoid any spoiler even just through video titles like “The Real Meaning of so-and-so showing up in Infinity War”. It’s hard! I do t even want to see non spoilery reviews so I’ve mostly avoided news sites, especially since, being a fan, I’ve been reading and watching all the hype and interviews heading up to this release so naturally Google and You Tube and every other site wants to helpfully shove all that stuff in my face.

One of my retirement gigs is freelance writing and I can’t even do that right now! I was innocently trying to research a seemingly safe story about paleo diet tips yesterday and on one news site there was not one but TWO spoilery headlines in the “stay on our site and click these links” thumbnails at the end of the story. Minor spoilers only, thank goodness, but two little surprises that hadn’t been in the trailers nonetheless. So that’s out til after today, too.

You guys and this site have been a sanity saver the last few days. It’s a safe space here as Avengers everything is safely on copyright lockdown probably forever since they now belong to the Big Mouse. It’s been great for my productivity here and I want to keep the streak going, too.

All of which is a long way of saying THANKS for this site and for letting me be a part of it. I love it for so many reasons but this week y’all have given me one more.


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Post by JenniferFour » May 1st, 2018, 6:43 pm

Love this post. I saw the Avengers on Friday and then again on Saturday (with husband first, then with husband and daughter). I completely understand your desire to avoid spoilers in general and for that movie in particular. Glad you found a nice place here at Librivox :)
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