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Post by mightyfelix » April 10th, 2018, 12:10 am

So, as we know, we're all volunteers here, because we enjoy what we do here at LV, and we love providing free literature. But tell me, where else do you give your time and labor? Do you have one specific favorite place or organization you like to volunteer with, or many? How often do you do it? What kind of work is it? And most importantly, what is it about that place or group or organization that you love enough to work for them for free? :D

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Post by Elizabby » April 11th, 2018, 5:01 am

I'm also a volunteer music teacher for pre-schoolers. It's a short program for the kids, followed by morning tea for the kids and for the mothers! I did the same program for my daughters for about 7 years, so now I come back to help run it for the next generation!

I also teach exam skills to doctors, but that's kind of a work thing. I don't get paid for it but it's a "pay it forward" thing for all the doctors who volunteered their time and helped me pass my exams!

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Post by Availle » April 11th, 2018, 5:15 am

Nah, I'm way too lazy for that - would require me to go out of the house regularly... :mrgreen:

I did give blood for a long time though. I did it so often and in so many countries that I lost track, surely more than 50 times. Then I moved to Asia, where I am not allowed to donate blood anymore, so I had to stop. I guess if I moved back to Europe, I wouldn't be allowed there anymore either. :lol:

I'd love to do it again though, for the simple and selfish reason of "I really hope there's somebody else out there doing it too, just in case I'll ever need anything..." :shock:


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Post by SonOfTheExiles » April 12th, 2018, 5:07 am

As a man whose wife required a blood-transfusion after a particularly difficult childbirth, let me just say ... well done, Ava.

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Post by mightyfelix » April 12th, 2018, 9:29 am

Beth, tea and music lessons sounds wonderful! I can see why you'd enjoy it. (Although, I begin breaking out in a cold sweat if I'm in the same room with too many children at one time, especially if I'm supposed to be in charge of them!)

I wish I could give blood. I totally would. I'm O positive. But I'm a very small, petite person, and I actually don't weigh enough to give blood. :oops: I've been hoping to gain those five pounds for years! :lol: :roll:

As for me, I was able to sweet-talk my boss into giving me Wednesdays off, so I'm able to go once a week and spend all day volunteering. I volunteer at a vocational day program for adults with special needs. Many people with special needs who have aged out of public school (age 21, in the US) have nowhere to go and nothing to do all day, for basically the rest of their lives. This program provides them with meaningful work (making pottery, cards and banners, soap, fudge, working in the cafe or gift shop or greenhouse) where they are able to earn a paycheck, learn and use new skills, and make friends. :9:

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Post by fiddlesticks » April 12th, 2018, 2:31 pm

I do not currently volunteer anywhere, but I used to volunteer at a nursing home, visiting with the residents on a designated evening every week. Later on I helped on bingo night, then a few years after that I took care of the birds they kept there, feeding them, cleaning the cages etc. Then we moved to the country nearanother town and I had just gotten my drivers liscence so my Mom did not want me driving into town by myself all the time in her vehicle!

When I was in my early teens my older brother and I used to help an older couple clean ditches, we thought it was the best thing ever because we got to ride in the back of a pickup truck and jump up and down to get all the garbage.

I am pretty busy right now, but I would liketo do some volunteering outside of LibriVox again someday.

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