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Post by dahis39 » December 11th, 2017, 4:05 pm

Hello everyone on LibriVox. I’m a self-taught coder and audiobook lover. It’s audiobook that let me rediscovered the possibilities, motivation and love toward lifelong education. More on me? My portfolio.

Today, I bring a good news to the Android user of this community :lol: . I built a full features yet free and ad free audiobook player, Raise Audiobook Player, and now it’s on Play Store in Open Beta.

Although it’s in Beta, it performs pretty solidly during my daily uses. However, my daily uses is highly limited (I mainly listen to self-help books from all kinds of source during driving). Things like EQ and Sleep Timer I just don’t use. As you can see, audiobook type, audiobook source, the user, listening environment and listening equipment are all different things need to be considered in a player app. I need your help to find out what parts of the app works well and what is counter intuitive.

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These are some unique features I made and the reasons behind:

Duo Seekbars:
Separated minutes and hours seekbars for time progress representation and adjustment. Some of my audiobooks are from YouTube. They’re 10+ hours long and the usual one seekbar approach is unusable.

Book Specified EQ Setting:
My audiobooks/speeches come from all source. Volume and speaking speed of narrator are all different. It’s nice to have individual book setting for all things in one place.

Library generating:
Again, source problem. Some books are one-file, some are multi-files sit in a folder, and some are a collection of books with their own folders all in a big parent folder. Put them all in your audiobook folder, and I do my best guessing them right.

Library safe management:
A solution for the problem above is to let the user have control on what is a what, and that control better not changing the underneath files at all(to avoid conflict between apps). You have it here. Try it out, you gonna love it.

Download Raise Audiobook Player in Play Store
I will be listening and replying to advice, feature suggestion, and bug report here during the life time of the app. Feel free to leave some comments my friends :clap: .

Below is the Raise Audiobook Player app Play Store full description copy-and-paste:
Raise Audiobook Player is aiming to be the best tool for your audiobook education and entertainment. It may not be the best looking one, but it has rich features and clean UI that provides usability, convenience and customization, yet reminds easy to use.

* This is a local audiobook player. You will need to have your audiobooks ready. Sources for audiobook: YouTube, LibriVox and other independent websites.

Unique Features List

Player section:

- Using two bars to show/adjust play progress for long audio track. Straight one for hour and rounded one for mins and secs.
- Long tap on rectangles to customize. No more digging into settings.
- Two EQ buttons that enables quick on/off. One is book specific. One is general.
- Play almost everything from audio to video (sound only).

Library section:

- Instantaneous list generation and fast behind the scenes audio info gathering.
- If it's a video, take the frame at 10 seconds as book cover.
- Expandable book list that let you interact with inside tracks.
- Advanced and safe library management that won't change your audiobook files structure (unless you want to delete).

Usual Features List
- Free and no Ads
- speed control
- books status
- download covers
- book search
- book total duration and progress
- sleep timer
- equalizer (EQ)
- Android Auto/Wear
- customized auto rewind time after stop
- auto resume after a short interruption
- pause playback when volume reach 0

Media Support List
mp3, acc, flac, wav, wma, ra, ram, rm, ogg, m4a, m4b, mp4, avi, wmv, mkv, flv, 3gp, 3gpp

Known Issues List
- Can't change progress on a few m4b files.
- Crash when try to play loseless/high bit-rate wav file.

Incoming Features List
- multiple root folders
- refined sleep timer
- bookmark
- feedback and contact page
- day/night color theme
- Better library management
- Better time picker

Pending Future Features List
- LibriVox API download & play
- Better looking UI & UX
- Grand library management

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Post by RajVO » April 16th, 2018, 6:32 pm

I downloaded and installed it on Android. Yet to try it. :)
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Cheers, Raj.

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Post by brooksjo » December 16th, 2018, 11:09 pm

Hello dahis39,

I've been just searching for an audiobook player for my Android. But before I download it, I've a couple of questions (aspects) I'm concerned about. Is there any option to create bookshelves or anything like that? I'm get used to the library structure and somehow, it's more convenient for me, when everything is grouped or placed in a systemic order.
Does the interface support the layout/color scheme for color blind users?

Johnell Brooks
Cornell University Press
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