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Post by Peter Why » June 21st, 2017, 2:35 am

I'd like to see that recipe!

I've modified the bun recipe slightly to make it clearer what to do if you're proving the dough overnight.

The buns look complicated but if you're used to bread bakery, they're straightforward:
1) Over two days: one evening, prepare the dough (starting with heating the milk); sometime around the same time, wash the dried fruit and set to soak. The next day work in the egg, spices, butter and fruit, prove for a few hours, bake. Prepare the glaze while baking.
2) in one warm day, start in the morning, with perhaps three or four hours proving altogether, and bake in the early evening.

Do tell me what you think of them, if you do have a go. I think I might make a batch for freezing (miss off the glaze before freezing, then revive them in the oven with foil over them to prevent burning, while making glaze).

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