Feature request: more project types in the template generator

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Post by RobMarland » June 23rd, 2020, 2:46 am

I recently started BCing a single author poetry project. I generated the code for the project using the New Project Template Generator. I was aware that an abbreviated disclaimer was permissible for poetry and other short works, so I tried to find the acceptable text somewhere on the forum. As I couldn't find it right away (perhaps not being as patient as some others), I instead went and copied the disclaimer from another project. I copied it incorrectly. Long story short, the volunteers are having to fix their files.

Now, one obvious solution to this problem is that I should be more attentive. However, if I am still making errors like this after BCing projects on LV for 7 years, it leaves this fool thinking that a more foolproof solution is needed.

The Template Generator allows us to choose Solo, Collaborative, Dramatic Work, Poetry - Weekly, and Poetry - Fortnightly projects. Different disclaimer texts are outputted when we choose different project types. I probably chose Collaborative as best fitting my project, hence why the original disclaimer wasn't quite right and why I had to manually edit it.

It occurs to me that one possible way of avoiding mistakes would be to update the Template Generator so that it includes Poetry Collection - Single Author / Poetry Collection - Anthology.

Full disclosure: I have made feature requests in the past and the atmosphere in the thread soured almost immediately. I hope that wouldn't happen in this case, but as I don't especially want to get into a discussion about this (preferring simply to make the feature request), I hope you don't mind if I do a post-and-dash and not check the thread for updates. I'm happy to leave it to any admins to implement the change or not as they see fit.
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Post by annise » June 23rd, 2020, 3:58 am

I hope you have misunderstood the previous responses - there are a number of changes we would make if we could - but we cannot at present, we can only add them to a list . I'm not sure how many variations it would be possible to have listed in the template generator without making it unusable but that is a matter for the future .


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