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Post by castor » December 27th, 2019, 7:20 pm

I found a copy of Moby Dick, and was trying to listen to it using the Google Podcasts app on Android.

After some digging around, I think that the librivox pages like
do not provide data about their
RSS feeds in a way that Google will index them as podcasts.

According to

Google wants to see a link like:
<link type="application/rss+xml" rel="alternate"
title="Moby Dick, or the Whale by MELVILLE, Herman" href=""/>
which could be embedded in the <HEAD> section of the page.

Of course, being in the public domain there are many other sources for the librivox readings, but I thought
it would be nice if Librivox got the credit and showed up when naively searching Google.

Thank you for providing a great resource!

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