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Re: Re-using recordings / catalog search

Posted: April 23rd, 2019, 1:39 pm
by schrm
Pity, that this has gone down the aggro-line..

As Monika quoted the main directive, i couldn't help thinking: "available" - oh it is there..
And individually searchable and findable collection-parts won't distract us in our acoustical liberation of books?

That said, i found librivox per finding the non-lv-app...
I googled and found the forum/homepage.
Listening to my first audiobook (in general), i registered and bought a micro...
That was 14 months ago...
later, i began using archive...

Just my two cents:
- Every search engine optimization should focus on the homepage, offering several possibilities for hobbies, informations and the catalogue for interested people.
- The catalogue-search is just sth. additional to our archive-shelve, the 3rd party app, 3rd party se: google, duckduckgo, and so on...
But: it is "our" search (and catalogue).
- And i have to say it: i really like and dislike at the same time the "library cataloging thought" - but as i understand it, that is more a need of being able to deal with everything?
Pro is "library", Contra it is "not in the Main Directive" and not easy to use (secondary literature needed to find a recording)

good night and cheers,